Jachtbemiddeling v/d Veen | Mediation
Na vele jaren ervaring en door het deskundige verkoopteam is Jachtbemiddeling Van der Veen het aanspreekpunt voor mensen die op zoek zijn naar motorjachten; kruisers, vletten en kotters.
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Jachtbemiddeling van der Veen is known for years in the purchase and sale of motor yachts. Our professional sales team provides a reliable and customer-friendly settlement of all transactions. All this in a friendly and casual atmosphere.

By using dozens of Web sites, magazines at home and abroad the yachts extended presented. In addition, we are present at several national and international water sports scholarships to our mediation yachts.

Strong point of jachtbemiddeling van der Veen is our sales Marina Terherne. Here are always between 100 and 140 ships in mediation. For buyers interesting because there are so many ships to see and compare.

Our sales team is ready to guide you in both the purchase and sale of your ship